Haven Convention 2017 with Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a charismatic leader in his own right. Many believe his word and want to learn more about the message of the bible. Attend his weekly meetings to find out the difference he makes. People simply want to know more about the religious events themselves. New converts are more than welcome to join their ranks along the way. Find out the difference that a growing congregation will make. New converts are welcome to make strides in their belief. The Haven Convention 2017 event is sure to draw big crowds. Follow Chris Oyakhilome as he expresses his beliefs in the one true God. That could inspire his followers to continue on his work over time.

Christ Embassy is well regarded among leading religious figures. They got a good start in Nigeria converting locals to the religion. That allowed the congregation to grow in numbers very quickly. People heard the message that they brought and appreciated it from the start. Christ Embassy then moved to other countries throughout Africa. That increased their congregation numbers to a significant degree. Many of their religious goals were met during the conversion effort in Africa. They even went to South Africa to spread the word of God. Observers were undoubtedly interested in their works. That allowed Chris Oyakhilome to spread his message about the bible as well.

Afterwards, Pastor Chris and his religious group went to the UK. That allowed them to reach a new group in the UK. More religious work was conducted in Canada to build a following. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome even worked with people in the United States. That has given confidence for a growing network of religious believers. Now the religious group can maintain a network throughout the world over. That is an impressive accomplishment for the religious organization. Their leaders simply believe in a worthwhile cause unlike any other out there. New converts are welcome to attend the Haven Convention 2017 to get involved. The attendees will appreciate new arrivals who want to follow along.

Chris Oyakhilome is well known for his ministry efforts as well. He speaks about the work of God and his true believers around the world. He will teach about the bible and its true message to believers. Haven Convention 2017 is perhaps the best place to learn about the bible. People of all ages will be entertained by that idea moving forward. Haven Convention 2017 promises to include all kinds of exciting events for those following along. That explains why it is so popular each year in the area. Thousands of people are expected to attend and lend their support for the religious concept.

Talk to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome about his vision for the future. His followers will certainly want to continue the work in a good way. People maintain that they want to see the pastor speak to the crowd. That is the perfect chance to hear his opinions first hand. Follow his schedule and come to understand why he hosts the Haven Convention 2017. People have been contributing to the event for years now as well. Believers will explain their position and try to convert other people along the way. Christ Embassy will explain their message across the world on location. There may be a media presence given the popularity of the event.

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