Property in Spain

Did you ever think about the paradise on earth? There are many regions you can name in this regard. Switzerland, Northern areas of Pakistan and some parts of Italy are falling in the mentioned category. But how can we forget Spain? A country from South to North, blessed with a huge diversity of people, the rich heritage and culture, and the wonderful landscapes. If you can have a Property in Spain, you should fairly consider yourself as a blessed soul.

If you interested in buying a property in Spain, you must have complete knowledge about the different areas of Spain, fiscal information about your chosen region, community, Spanish inheritance of tax in the region and network of hospitals and health centers etc.

In this series of articles, we’ll explain all the useful information to have a property in Spain for your convenience. It’ll help you to make a decision about your purchase or rent a property in Spain.

Well Known Regions of Spain from having a Property in Spain Point of View

  • Majorca

Majorca is not only known as a dashing tourism point, its natural beauty has also been a source of inspiration for many artists. World Fame tennis star Rafael Nadal resides and grows here. The Son Saint Joans International Airport is situated 8 km from Palma de Mallorca. Caves of Drach and the Sierra de Tramuntana are among the countless charming attractions of Majorca.

Majorca or Mallorca I am not that sure which one is correct but both are fine to use is the largest Island of Balearic Island.

Much more than a sunny beach holiday destination, Majorca is great part if you want to buy or rent a property in Spain.

  • Madrid

Madrid, a vibrant and modern capital city of Spain is known as the architectural, economic, social and political hub of the country, a truly amazing city to have the property in Spain.

Madrid is situated in the absolute center of Spain, enable you to access to any part of the country with absolute ease. Its uneven climate, (very hot and dry in summer and totally opposite in winter) attracts the big numbers of tourists throughout the year. Having the population of around 6.5 million, Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union behind London and Paris, the most visited city within Spain and fourth in Europe.

Madrid features numerous historical and wonderful places to visit. The Royal Palace, Plaza de Espana, and the Theater Royal are some examples.

If you are serious to have a property in Spain, Madrid can be an ultimate choice for you.

  • Valencia

Valencia is situated on the eastern coast of Spain. If you really want to have a property in Spain, Valencia has many reasons to be on your consideration list e.g. excellent location on the Mediterranean Sea, state of the art architecture, reasonably cheap land prices, vibrant and diverse nightlife etc.

City of Arts and Science is truly the piece of modern architecture in Spain.

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