Ways To Fix Discoloration Of Carpets

Your carpet is as important as any of your body part that you must keep it clean. A clean carpet not only keeps you healthy but looks great. A dirty carpet only keeps the atmosphere dirty that lends the family members towards allergies and skin diseases. There are a lot of problems that you can face with a dirty carpet.

When you smell an unpleasant odor in your home you will find out that most of the times it is the dirty carpet. The mold that has developed on the carpet makes it actually smell bad. Mold is quite dangerous for your health so as soon as you detect it you must consult a carpet cleaning agency.


Carpet cleaners may not agree on how frequently the carpet must be cleaned but it is advisable to clean it 2 times in a week. If you have a pet like a dog then you may have to clean it 3 times in a week. The best practise to clean a carpet is to do with a vacuum cleaner the one that has HEPA filter. Make sure you clear the dust bag outside your house. HEPA filtered vacuum are more powerful and efficient in removing debris or dust as compared to traditional vacuum cleaners.

A carpet is such a thing that is not possible to clean with household equipment. In the end you have to call for the professional cleaners who have the experience and the heavy duty vacuum cleaners those can make your carpet as clean as new. Apart from that, carpet cleaners clean the carpet with hot water and extract the dirt by using less amount of water that helps the carpet dry faster.

If you have a carpet that has not been cleaned for years by professionals then it is time to replace it. You cannot imagine what kind of irritants and pests start residing in it  You may take whatever measures to clean it but you won’t be able to fix discoloration issue. Secondly if the carpet is torn out then also it must be replaced.

The other effective practices to keep your carpet clean is to use a doormat at the entrance of your home. Doormats are not that expensive and you can change them frequently. Otherwise you have to spend a lot of money on cleaning or carpet discoloration repair.

Most of the time, kids keep spilling drinks, milk or paint on the carpet. So you should not keep the carpet in the same condition for long. It must be cleaned as soon as possible. Otherwise with time the stain is going to sink in the carpet and will be too difficult to remove by your own. And it will eliminate the chances of bacteria to spread on the carpet. When there is stubborn carpet patch then you should not rub it instead blot the patch. Paper towels are nice stain removal solution. When you blot the stain you must apply pressure on the stain that makes it easier to soak it up.

Following these tips can help you to keep the carpet clean more often.

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