What is the role of Shared Proxy in Online Communication?

What is a Proxy Server?

In Computer terminology, a proxy server is a system acting as an intermediary for seeking resources from another server on the request of clients. A client gets associated with proxy server to avail some services like file connection, access to content, web pages, etc. A proxy acts as a third computer between two for communication. A proxy server is not less than a buffer between you and the net. It allows fetching information from WWW (world wide web). Anonymous server hides the user information like IP address, current location, browsing habits, your shopping and online games preferences.

These proxies are either free or paid. Shared proxies are different from private proxies. They require registration, but not always.

Types of Proxy:

Following are some of the types of proxy:

  1. Tunneling Proxy passes unmodified responses.
  2. Forward Proxy retrieves from number of sources.
  3. Reverse Proxy generally controls access on a private network server along with authentication, balancing (by distributing the load to various web servers) and caching (offloading).

A Shared Proxy:

A shared proxy is a semi – private proxy that allows limited number of users (about 10 IPs) to access the proxy to maintain the quality and reliability of the proxy. Such proxy has more speed than others due to limited number of IPs’ access, are non-sequential and offers multiple subnets. A shared proxy ensures complete protection of IP. Here the proxy comes from local and global locations with unlimited band width. Cheap shared proxies offer minimum rates than market rate with 99% uptime and 6 hours’ money return guarantee.

How to get Associated with Shared Proxy?

Follow these steps to use shared proxy server:

  • Place an order with required information for the activation of proxy server.
  • Get authentication and access to the control panel of proxy with your IP address.
  • Send an inquiry to seek proxy location.

Role of Shared Proxy in Online Communication:

A shared proxy provides access to services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bookmarking, Google, Scrapbook, etc. Such proxy servers offer proxy management panel to manage your proxy 24 hours without any complications on your own. Shared proxy is compatible to HTTP and HHTPS. The performance of shared proxy is good with multi-threaded softwares. Most of shared proxies limit the number of users to 10 thus are speed efficient that makes communication easy and abrupt.

Buy shared proxy to save your budget with security and satisfaction all together. Shared proxy are cheaper because all the involved clients share the cost without losing high speed and interruption in your online communication. Different subnets are offered along with various SEO tools like Tweet Adder, Zenno Poster, Craig list, Yahoo, etc. and various social media for users’ assistance.  You can even access firewall blocked sites. Shared proxy is a good option for rare users who want multiple proxies for short time.

You can filter inappropriate content blocking useless offensive content on web. Some of these proxies are local and offer content translation option in local language.

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